Coaching Engagements

Unlock extraordinary potential and create new possibilities for your life

You're already whole, naturally resourceful and have the answers within. You also have the ability to tap into your own knowledge and — with my personalized guidance and support — live a more powerful life with personal and professional relationships that are deep and meaningful.

My mission is to collaborate with motivated individuals and help you realize your peak potential by achieving self-defined growth goals in the quickest, healthiest, and most efficient manner. Working together, we'll identify and set goals, and I will be there every step of the way to serve as a sounding board and offer support, encouragement, feedback, and direction.

Your agenda, your goals, your needs

Your goals, needs and dreams are the focus of our coaching sessions. Using a wide variety of skills, tools and powerful questions, I'll guide you toward the change you envision. You'll also see how finding authenticity in your work/career can positively influence your personal life and relationships. Together, we'll unlock your extraordinary potential and create new possibilities for your life.

During our coaching engagements, I'll help you:

Access your inner strength and untapped potential on the path you are seeking.

Navigate the sometimes hard turns on the path toward the meaningful change you desire.

Discuss ways you’d like to be held accountable for the promises you make to yourself.

Uncover different perspectives that will inform your critical decisions.

Stay focused and on track toward the life and career you want.

Feel seen, heard and understood.

What Clients are Saying...


thumbnail_V Zelner TS

“Working with Laurie was a total game changer for me as a Chief of Staff. With her support and coaching, I was able to hit the ground running and drive high impact for my CEO and the company, which has resulted in strong performance across our leadership team and a more engaged culture. Laurie shared tools, resources and suggestions with me that were invaluable in helping me operate as a strong Chief of Staff. Her strategies and assessments have also been life changing - they've helped me develop a strong mindset when under pressure and boosted my confidence in the role. I was just promoted to VP of Business Ops and my CEO appreciates the value I am driving for our firm.

Victoria Zelner, Former Chief of Staff to CEO - ThreadStudio

Mark Almeida

"Before working with Laurie, I was contemplating a shift from the private sector to higher education. I was uncertain, fearful, and didn't know how to proceed. Having spent most of my life in sales, I was looking to travel less and do work that was more personally fulfilling. I was afraid of shifting to a completely different industry/career that I wasn't sure would accept me.

Laurie helped me look inward in an effort to become more self-aware. She was the catalyst who helped me realize that it's OK to let some decisions in your life be guided by your heart over your head.

“Working with Laurie was a game-changer for me! In four short years, I have reinvented myself in a completely different industry, have already seen upward progression in my career, and I am more professionally satisfied than I have been in years!”

Mark Almeida, Questrom School of Business, Boston University

Bryan Carter

“Before working with Laurie, I felt extremely limited in my current role, as if my best attributes were not being used properly. Laurie validated my current condition and helped me see my own potential and successes while also perfecting my thought process. After working with Laurie, I am definitely no longer complacent where I am. She has truly helped me to raise the bar of what I want for my life and career. She is an extremely present individual who really "saw me" in a way that most people don't. No matter what I end up doing beyond my current role, Laurie showed me how to use my story and talents to my benefit.

If you want clarity and acceleration in your career or life in general, Laurie will allow you to dig deep and unsettle the roots of complacency that prevent satisfactory progress.”

Bryan Carter, Executive Coordinator, SimplyBe. Agency

"Coaching with Laurie has been a fantastic experience and I am so grateful to have gone on this journey with her. In my job, I’m usually the one developing others so Laurie has been a gift to me and my personal and professional development. She is helping me to zero in on my life purpose and what I value most."

Vicky Oxley

Certified Professional Co-active Coach