Chief def:  Gatekeeper | Initiative Driver | Thought Partner | Problem Solver | Alignment Creator | Peacemaker Confidant | Truth Teller | Operator | Right hand to the C-Suite... and more.

Leader benefits:

Ensure your Chief of Staff reaches their full expression of leadership in service of you AND your company mission.

Chief of Staff benefits:

ChiefSpace Mastermind includes 3 hours each month of:
Group coaching, hot-seat 1:1 coaching, tools, best practices, videos, journal prompts, powerful peer community, and guest speakers who share lessons learned at the top!

As a former seasoned Chief of Staff to senior leaders at a Fortune 10 company, I understand how critical it is for you have strong support around you, operating at full throttle, in service of your agenda. I understand what senior leaders face, the expectations and demands. I understand what you want AND most importantly, what you need in your Chief. 

Serving as a Chief of Staff was one of the best roles of my entire career. I now serve as a trusted advisor and executive coach. I help Chiefs reach their peak performance. I’m in your corner.

Limited Space Available:

An investment in your Chief is an investment in yourself!

What Clients are Saying...


Annie Smith

“I always leave our sessions feeling hopeful and excited, ready to take action. Laurie has a way of challenging me and pushing me in the direction I want to go, while also validating my challenges and what I'm going through. If there's anything that you're working through in your business, I 100% recommend working with Laurie Arron Coaching.”

Annie Smith - Founder & Creative Director, Solanas Creative

Mark Almeida

"Before working with Laurie, I was contemplating a shift from the private sector to higher education. I was uncertain, fearful, and didn't know how to proceed. Having spent most of my life in sales, I was looking to travel less and do work that was more personally fulfilling. I was afraid of shifting to a completely different industry/career that I wasn't sure would accept me.

Laurie helped me look inward in an effort to become more self-aware. She was the catalyst who helped me realize that it's OK to let some decisions in your life be guided by your heart over your head.

“Working with Laurie was a game-changer for me! In four short years, I have reinvented myself in a completely different industry, have already seen upward progression in my career, and I am more professionally satisfied than I have been in years!”

Mark Almeida, Questrom School of Business, Boston University

Bryan Carter

“Before working with Laurie, I felt extremely limited in my current role, as if my best attributes were not being used properly. Laurie validated my current condition and helped me see my own potential and successes while also perfecting my thought process. After working with Laurie, I am definitely no longer complacent where I am. She has truly helped me to raise the bar of what I want for my life and career. She is an extremely present individual who really "saw me" in a way that most people don't. No matter what I end up doing beyond my current role, Laurie showed me how to use my story and talents to my benefit.

If you want clarity and acceleration in your career or life in general, Laurie will allow you to dig deep and unsettle the roots of complacency that prevent satisfactory progress.”

Bryan Carter, Executive Coordinator, SimplyBe. Agency

"Coaching with Laurie has been a fantastic experience and I am so grateful to have gone on this journey with her. In my job, I’m usually the one developing others so Laurie has been a gift to me and my personal and professional development. She is helping me to zero in on my life purpose and what I value most."

Vicky Oxley

Certified Professional Co-active Coach